How Bad Can It Get?

It's now been a few weeks since the announcement that the world was running short of oil. Fuel prices continue to rise in anticipation of when actual supplies start to run short. It's becoming clear that there is no quick fix to the shortage, but many citizens are starting to hoard fuel anyway. Tensions are starting to rise.

Part 1: Set the Stage

Part 2: Take Action
  1. Discussion Questions:

Part 3: Lesson Activity

Part 4: Reflect
Now that you know that the situation is serious and that people are already showing the ugly side of human nature, what is going on around you?  Use the following questions to help guide your reflection:

Part 5: Take It Further
Some of life's best lessons are learned by listening to the words of those who have experienced events that have shaped our world.  To take it further today, find a parent, grandparent, or family friend that remembers the 1973 and/or 1979 oil crises.  What exactly do they remember?  How did they have to change their lives? Are they surprised that the United States continues to be so dependent on oil?  Do they think the lessons of the 1970s have been lost, and if so, why?  Share the responses through your blog, a video interview, or a podcast.

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