World Without Oil
is an Independent Lens
Web-exclusive presentation
of an Electric Shadows project
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and funded by the Corporation
for Public Broadcasting. Produced
by Writerguy.

The Team at WorldWithoutOil.Org

Ken Eklund - Game Designer, Creative Director and Producer

Jane McGonigal - Participation Architect

- Webmaster

Dee Cook - Community Liaison

- Community Liaison

- Community Liaison

Krystyn Wells - Community Liaison

Erik Wohlgemuth - Outreach Manager

Sarah Rainwater - Graphic Designer

Cait Zorn - Podcaster

Corrina McFarlane - Podcaster

Bonnie Primbsch - Podcaster, Audio Liaison

Sandra Stewart - Audio Liaison

Nellie Rainwater - Audio Liaison

Kiyash Monsef - Videographer


Anna Matter - by Cait Zorn

Bodi Lane - by Corrina McFarlane

Chuckles - by Dee Cook

Dessum9 - by Ken Eklund

Gala_Teah - by Ken Eklund

Gracesmom - by Marie Lamb

Illiana_Speedster - by Michelle Senderhauf

Inky_Jewel - by Ken Eklund

LocalBoy - by Erik Wohlgemuth

mPathytest - by Jane McGonigal

Pachinko - by Krystyn Wells

Rainey Wilson - by Bonnie Primbsch

Saint3milion - by Jane McGonigal

YuckyMuck - by Mark Bracewell



Kiyash Monsef - Writer/Producer/Director

Kal - Ramiz Monsef

Chris - Michael Phillis

Bike Thieves - Reis Hood, Ivan Piesh

Fire effects - Todd Horrisberger

As themselves (without oil):

Nilgun Bayraktar

Shomi Bottle

Mike Fletcher

Ron Gubbins

Kurt Grutzmacher

Jessica Holt

Roisin Isner

Adrian McEvilly

Mike Monsef

Paula Monsef

Heidi Petty

Markus Roskothen

Mary Shean

Jody Sollazzo

Soibhan Willing


Videography by Gergana Miteva and Alex Guerrero

Scripts by Ken Eklund

Video editing by Jonty Collyer

Nico - Alex Guerrero

everySunday - Gergana Miteva

mPathytest (voice) - Michelle McHenry



Video by Dee Cook



Videos by Michelle Senderhauf and Jim Senderhauf

Voice of Illiana_Speedster - Jim Senderhauf

jootbooner - Jim Senderhauf

Accordion Player - Wayne Kranz

That Guy - Jeff Kranz

Tony - Tony Kowalski



Video by Ken Eklund

Featuring members of the Live Earth Farm CSA



Video by Marie Lamb

Sharon - Michelle Erickson

Grace - Téa F.



Video by Ken Eklund

Urban Cyclist - Felipe Buitrago



Images by Krystyn Wells


WWO Lesson Plans

Dan McDowell

Ken Eklund

Reviewer: Cari Ladd


WorldWithoutOil Thanks

Alex Guerrero

Gergana Miteva

Debbie Palmer

Jim Senderhauf

Live Earth Farm

Jim Babb

Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition

Michelle McHenry

Felipe Buitrago

Mike Monsef

Ivan Piesh

Morgan Schmidt-Feng

Hessel & Bethany

Sundar & Mallika

The students in DT-220 at San Francisco Art Institute


Above All

The team at WWO thanks our players, who were consistently awe-inspiring, thought-provoking, tear-inducing, and generally amazing in every way. World Without Oil was and is their accomplishment.

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The Team at ITVS Interactive

Cathy R. Fischer - Senior Producer

Jen Kaczor - Producer

Rod Minott - Production Dept. Liaison

Voleine Amilcar - Publicist

Tim Etheridge - Publicist

Imad Salloum - Marketing Assistant

Electric Shadows Planning Team

Sally Jo Fifer - President, CEO

Judy Tam - Senior Vice President and CFO

Claire Aguilar - Vice President of Programming

Jim Sommers - Vice President of Communications


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Winner Activism Website, 2008 SXSW Interactive Conference

12th Annual Webby Awards

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