Oil Crisis: Get into the Game

A global oil crisis has begun. Oil usage worldwide has increased to where the oil supply can only meet 95% of it. We're asking you to envision how your life would be affected and how you would react as you go through the various stages of this oil shock. Lesson One imagines the day when this reality first hits the news; get into the game by playing it as if it were really happening in your life.

Today you start looking at the effects of less oil in the world around you, and begin to search for ways to live well while consuming less energy.

Part 1: Set the Stage

  1. Did you hear? Oil prices increased dramatically today. They say there is going to be a shortage! Here, watch this video.
  2. Watch Kal's first video - "Oil Spike!" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqnu2zXR4dM
    and read Anda's webcomic about college roommates:
  3. Now here's the challenge: can you immerse yourself in this new reality, and figure out how the coming shortage will affect you and their families in order to avoid the worst of its impacts? What risks to their quality of life do you see? What will you do in response to these risks? Get "in game" throughout the WWO lessons.
  4. Introduce yourself to "collective intelligence," "crowdsourcing" and "citizen journalism" as they relate to this idea: "Oil is such a pervasive part of modern life that it will take all of us working together to plot out and chronicle the impacts of an oil shortage."

Part 2: Take Action
  1. Group discussion questions:
  2. Compare your reactions with those presented here:

Part 3: Lesson Activity

Part 4: Reflection
Now that you have a better understanding of the current oil crisis, it is time to immersing yourself into the situation. Use the following questions to guide your reflection.

Part 5: Take it Further
You've learned a lot today about oil and its role in modern society. To take it further today, get seriously into the game:

Post your findings on your blog, and if you can, add photographs, drawings, audio files, or video.

Additional Resources

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