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Jane McGonigal at ETech 2007
Photo by Scott Beale/LaughingSquid
The Story:
"Just A Game?"

Nov. 15, 2007
American Public Media

Dick Gordon, host of The Story, talks with WWO's creative director Ken Eklund about the game, its players and lessons learned.

"VIEW 08 Daily"

November 9, 2007
VIEW Conference

VIEW (formerly VIRTUALITY) is the premier Computer Graphics event in Italy, and covers virtual reality, cinema, animation, videogames, design, advertising and digital architecture. Ken Eklund gave a talk at VIEW entitled "World Without Oil and the Future(s) of Serious Alternate Reality Games" and spoke to an Onde Quadre reporter about his talk.

Iowa DTV Symposium:
"32 Weeks In A World Without Oil"

October 2, 2007
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Iowa Public Television (IPTV) hosts the DTV Symposium, a yearly event that covers developments in the world of public and independent media. Ken Eklund gave a talk at DTV entitled 32 Weeks In A World Without Oil: Shaping The Future Through Serious Play. "What if there was an oil crisis? This year? How might our lives change? We found out by launching World Without Oil, a collaborative online storytelling project, the first 'alternate reality game' to address a serious real-world issue."

"Can A Videogame Ever Alter Reality?"

August 30, 2007

Your Call co-host Sandip Roy discusses world-changing computer games with Suzanne Seggerman, president and co-founder of Games For Change (G4C); Malika Dutt, head of Breakthrough and producer of the immigration game ICED!; and Ken Eklund, Creative Director of World Without Oil.

This Conference Is Being Recorded:
"Using Alternate Reality Games
For Social Change"

July 26, 2007
Workbook Project

WP's unstoppable force of nature, Lance Weiler (of Head Trauma fame), talks with Ken Eklund about the role of collaborative games and alternate realities in attracting viewers, sparking public discourse and social change.

"Episode 27: World Without Oil"

June 27, 2007

Host Jonathan Waite talks to Mark Bracewell, Ken Eklund, Marie Lamb, Jane McGonigal, Michelle Senderhauf and Krystyn Wells of World Without Oil, and gets an inside perspective on running a serious, massively collaborative Alternate Reality Game.

To The Best Of Our Knowledge:
"It's The End Of The World"

June 17, 2007
Wisconsin Public Radio

It's the liberal's apocalypse: the peak oil crisis. Host Jim Fleming discusses the end of cheap oil with journalist Bryandt Urstadt, author of a Harper's story called "Imagine There's No Oil: Scenes from a liberal apocalypse,"and Ken Eklund, the creator of the alternate reality game World Without Oil. Ken describes the game and we hear the in-game contributions of several players.

Talk Of The Bay:
"Preparing for Higher Oil Prices"

June 6, 2007

"The U.S. has little control over oil supplies. In the past, price spikes have resulted from variety of events, from refinery maintenance to the whim of other nations. We discuss how we can prepare for a rapid rise in oil prices." Host JD Hillard talks with Fred Keeley and WWO's Ken Eklund.

Future Tense:
"Can A Game Help Us Prepare
For A Major Oil Crisis?"

May 21, 2007
American Public Media

"Future Tense" host Jon Gordon talks with Jane McGonigal. "The idea of World Without Oil is to tap collective intelligence to help us wade through a real crisis in the future - to generate conversation among bloggers, gamers, and other content creators to come up with creative ways to deal with oil dependency through play."

Pods and Blogs:
"Cancer, Oil and Art"

May 15, 2007
BBC Radio

5Live at BBC Radio talks to Jane McGonigal, participation architect of the alternate reality game World Without Oil. Jane's segment starts about 43 minutes into the hour-long show. (Update: this show may no longer be available)

Treehugger Radio:
"Simulating A World Without Oil"

May 10, 2007

Team Treehugger talks with WWO designer Ken Eklund about World Without Oil, an online alternate reality game that simulates a world in the throes of an oil shock. The game is currently in Week 11 of the crisis, and things are looking grim.

A Very Spatial Podcast:
"Episode 94: An Interesting Experiment"

May 6, 2007

The VeryPersonable Sue, cohost with Frank and Jesse at VerySpatial, describes the recently launched World Without Oil, in the Web Corner segment of the geomapping-oriented program (about 6 minutes into the program).

Talk Of The Bay:
"Day One of a World Without Oil"

April 30, 2007

Host Robert Pollie talks with WWO's Ken Eklund about World Without Oil on the morning of the game's official launch. "Ken Eklund designs on-line alternative reality games -- where players compete to solve real-world problems. He'll discuss his latest project -- World Without Oil -- which simulates a global energy crisis."

A Climate Affair:
"Jane McGonigal and
A World Without Oil"

April 26, 2007
Planet Radio, Brisbane, Australia

Kate Conroy, producer and presenter of A Climate Affair, interviews Jane McGonigal just prior to the launch of World Without Oil (plus features about the Australian nuclear debate and the diesel tree). A Climate Affair is a weekly environmental radio programme and podcast billed as a "critical analysis of current environmental issues."

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