What's really going on?
GISKIN ANOMALY is a cellphone adventure presented by the Balboa Park Online Collaborative. The game's first episode went live on Thanksgiving weekend 2010. Seven episodes tell a dramatic story from the World War Two era. (Visitors experienced them through Thanksgiving 2012, when the operating license expired.)

What's the story?
Through its immersive narrative, GISKIN ANOMALY brings the rich history of Balboa Park into focus. Visitors follow the footsteps of Drake and Pandora, two amateur sleuths, to key points in the park, and listen as they unravel intensely personal stories interwoven with the places.

What's the point?
GISKIN ANOMALY enables visitors to live moments from World War Two, when San Diego was undergoing great upheaval. The experience touches on the Japanese-American internment, the "Rosie The Riveter" transformation of women's rights, and the Mexican-American fight for rights as well as experiences about the war – all reflected in moments and memories linked to specific places in Balboa Park.

Next step? (Project is now over.)
To begin the adventure, call the Giskin 800-number, or if you're in the Park, look for the Giskin window decal at the Old Globe Ticket Office. Press in the 3-digit number on the decal or marker. Press 5 to get "behind the scenes."

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Ken Eklund, game designer and writer •
(408) 280-1441 • writerguy@writerguy.com

Maren Dougherty, senior editor BPOC •
(619) 819-9200 • mdougherty@bpoc.org

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